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Thursday to Sunday August 20-23, 2015
Orillia, ON, Canada

Stuff you ask

"Can I bring a tent/RV/van and camp onsite?"
No, Geneva Park doesn't allow camping onsite.

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Welcome to Mindcamp

First time here? Mindcamp is an annual creativity conference. If you feel like you’re missing something, check out What is Mindcamp? to find out what the heck this is all about.

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Vivian Maier’s Estate Adventures

06HEIR-master675It was inevitable… a lawyer managed to dig up a distant cousin, who was in fact unaware of Maier’s existence, and has launched a legal challenge to ownership of copyright of Vivian Maier’s images.

A pity.

See the New York Times for the full article: http://nyti.ms/1qCPU59

Thanks to Mary Ellyn Vicksta, who led a session related to Maier’s work at Mindcamp 2014, for bringing this to our attention.

Ghosts of Mindcamp Past

Looking over old programs…click on the cover image to download a pdf of the program.
You’re welcome.


One of Mindcamp’s Young Engineers

Mindcamper Hamzah had so much fun making his hovercraft during the Mindcamp Reverse Garbage session that he continued to improve it when he got home. Here is the result, as presented and explained by the engineer himself! (We especially like his careful explanation of the necessity of using hot glue.)


Thanks to the Everyday Curiosity / Reverse Garbage team, and to the Youth Program Chiquitas for the support and encouragement they provided… and than you Hamzah for being willing to share your work.

Writing Freely, freely writing

writerby Russell Thomas

There must have been some magic in the early morning Writing Freely sessions at Mindcamp this year. Facilitated by Maggie Dugan, a self-declared non-morning person, attendance grew with each passing day.

“This must be a Canadian thing,” she said. “In the States, attendance tends to dwindle to just a few people by the final day.”

We were almost a full house by the time Sunday’s writing exercises got underway. We were treated to some lovely prompts, exercises and readings. I’ll never forget the sonorous and heart-melting piece written and read in French by René Bernèche. Many of us couldn’t understand the words, but the meaning and beauty were clear. And yes, there were a few tears.

One of the exercises that we did was to write something based on a word or phrase picked randomly out of a selection of books that Maggie had brought along. I flipped to a page and my eyes (and heart) focused on one word: Providence. This was what emerged.


Mindcamp was providence
Elusive, effusive, immersive

Loving, embracing, igniting

A smiling face
  An idea
    A flash of inspiration
      Insight tremoring,
        vibrating, drilling,

The days meld, like a super-heated sandwich,
One slice of activities indistinguishable from the other in a messy melange

Tasty, wholesome, nutritious
sustaining, fulfilling

Mindcamp. Mein Kampf! It sounds like a popular book
from about a century ago

Mindcamp. Mind-camp.
My mind. Our minds, together again,
our creative family, bountiful bonds
surreal forces and undeniable attractions,
souls mingling – hearts beating

as one, as many, as one,
as it should be.

Mindcamp settles into our bones
and leaves us, as Steve Shama says,
“one moment short of a tear”.

Russell ThomasRussell Thomas, a presenter last year, decided to be 100% participant this year. He’s perhaps better known now as the father of Dylan Banana.

Free your creativity. Free your mind. Free your, uhm, voice?

by Michel Neray

That’s right, karaoke is coming back to the Mindcamp Passeggiata. That’s good news for two reasons. Well, first, it’s good news because after a tough day being creative at Mindcamp, there’s nothing like a microphone in hand to de-stress. Maybe a little Queen will do it for you. Or maybe you’d prefer Perry Como. Or maybe you picture yourself as Rihanna with ’Sticks and stones may break my bones but…’ well you get the idea.

The second reason it’s good news is that science has proven that freeing your voice is one of the most effective things you can do to unleash your creativity. This is based on years of carefully researched research in which men and women were recorded in their cars. Even babies do it. Here’s proof:

So on Saturday night, at the end of the Passegiata, take an extra few steps and step up to the microphone. Or just come to cheer on the other Mindcampers who do.

It’ll be fun. I promise!

Michel NerayMichel Neray is the man who wants to put a microphone in YOUR hand, and he presents Pack the Room! How to write session descriptions that attract truckloads of participants just drooling to hear your content and worship at the altar of your expertise at Mindcamp 2014.