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48 Days till Mindcamp!

Thursday to Sunday August 20-23, 2015
Orillia, ON, Canada

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Welcome to Mindcamp

First time here? Mindcamp is an annual creativity conference. If you feel like you’re missing something, check out What is Mindcamp? to find out what the heck this is all about.

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James McAnanama just sent us a little teaser for the half-day session he’s offering this year: Dreamation. Enjoy!

James McAnanamaJames McAnanama presents Dreamation: Maker, Dreamer, Lover, Geek at Mindcamp 2015.

We Win Again!

win-4Win Wenger is one of our all-time favorite creative gurus. Win has spent a lifetime studying the methods of the world’s great creative geniuses — and developed a variety of methods that synthesize the best of them. The result is a set of creative thinking tools that is both unique and powerful.

At Mindcamp we have a tradition of giving you the opportunity to test those tools out for yourself: Win U — where you can access Win’s wisdom, and perhaps use it to discover your own.

In essence, Win’s theory is that many, perhaps all, of the answers we seek are available within ourselves — if only we had reliable ways of accessing our inner wisdom.

Win U is not a single session. It’s a series of sessions, hosted by Win, that will run throughout Mindcamp, from Friday morning through to our close on Sunday. (A full Win U schedule will be posted in mid-July.)

You can go to all of Win U, or just drop in for the sessions that intrigue you. Each session will introduce one of Win’s creative thinking tools — and offer you the chance to apply it to an issue you might be facing. The final session on Sunday will be a place to use Win’s tools to address some of the big problems that face us all.

And Another Dozen Sessions

birdsAnd another 12 amazing sessions coming out today. Fly my pretties, fly!

This time the Fairies have time to describe them and to make up a quiz. First, an introduction to the new introductions:

  • Kaz Ogino has quietly offered the Mindcamp Kids art classes every year for some time. This year she is offering to teach adults a thing or two in Zen Tangles.

  • Mindcamp veteran Anik April will once again encourage us to Dream Up a Story… and write it down!
  • Marketing fun? Creative? Yes! Rich DiGirolamo shows us how in Fun Creative Marketing.
  • OMG…Leslie McAnanama is back to amaze us with giant origami!
  • Newcomer Simoon Fransen is coming to Canada all the way from the Netherlands to introduce us to the Way of Nature.
  • Speaking of nature, Dan Bigonesse will show us how Biomimicry can be used as the broadest, most accessible problem-solving technique imaginable. After all, it’s everywhere!
  • Charlotte Young returns to help us find Visual Solutions to creative challenges.
  • The Man in the Banana Suit, Sean Hurwitz, proves his versatility by demonstrating a Cheap, Quick, and Dirty path to innovation.
  • Mindcamp veteran Cecilia Yau leads us to define and one day achieve our Dream Goals.
  • Newcomer (but old creativity hand) Robert Hookey takes a multi-modal path to expression with Music Drawing Story.
  • Those of you who’ve been around some years have seen amazing changes in Maxx Kochar… including his progression from participant to presenter extraordinaire. Here he is encouraging us to create a Business Model with heart.
  • And finally, what would Mindcamp be without Joe Miguez and the Mindcamp Labyrinth? Not Mindcamp, that’s for sure.

And now… The Quiz!

OK, Quiz Time kiddies. The winner (i.e. first person who EMAILS in correct answers) will receive tremendous honour and validation in addition to the free drink. Three simple questions, all relating to the 12 sessions just released:

  1. Which of the presenters most looks like they’d feel at home at the head of a motorcycle gang?

  2. Which presenter wears a propellor on their head?
  3. Which session description quotes the Tao Te Ching?

First correct answers EMAILED to gets the sender a free drink. Let the games begin!