Play. Learn. Work. Connect.

Mindcamp is a conference where you can take seminars and classes which teach creativity, innovation and leadership skills.

It’s a five-day micro-university for personal, professional, and organizational creativity — a feast of concurrent sessions presented by the best creativity leaders in North America and world-wide.

Mindcamp exposes more than 200 creative people to a wide range of perspectives on the research and practice of deliberate creativity and structured thinking. And on top of our scheduled programs, there are evening salons, dialog sessions, music, dancing, campfires, and just plain fun.

Mindcamp is run by volunteers and priced to break even.

August 17-21, 2016

YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, ON, Canada

“I can’t thank you enough for organizing such a totally awesome collection of seminars, creative people and utter FUN…. Mindcamp was one of the best and most rewarding experiences I have ever participated in my entire professional career…. I really felt like an integral part of the community while I was there and take away an entire community of like minded people as close friends when I left — PRICELESS!”Lee Kitchen, Walt Disney World, Florida
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    50+ Sessions

    Mindcamp offers 50+ sessions on personal and professional creativity….

  • Connector.

    50+ Presenters

    …presented by amazing leaders from all over North America and world wide…

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    Great Venue

    …at YMCA Geneva Park, on a peninsula surrounded by forests, trails, and beautiful Lake Couchiching

  • Connected Nature
    Ginny Santos, Alexandre Eisenchteter
  • The Thinkubator
    Terri Segal, Ian Rosenfeldt
  • (IoT)*
    James McAnanama
  • Building Creative Tension
    Karen Lynch
  • Creative Leadership
    Tim & Laura Switalski
  • ImageStreaming
    Win Wenger
  • Gamification
    Sylvain Rouillard, Guillemette Goglio
  • Mental Time Travel
    Jay Aquilanti
  • Tracking Wonder
    Jeffrey Davis
  • Art of Appreciation
    Steven Shama
  • Win U
    Win Wenger
  • Undoing the Splits
    Alina Isaac
  • Night Flights
  • Morning Yoga
    Brad Wong
  • Celebrating Complexity
    Katie Tagye, Dan Bigonesse
  • Failure Wake
    Janeen Halliwell, Jennifer Keilty-Friesen
  • Gift of Courageous Feedback
    Deborah Jann
  • (What If)*
    Bill Brooks
  • Diving into Poetry
    Michelle Tokarczyk, Lee Dunne
  • Writing Freely
    Cynthia Reyes
  • Chakras and Creativity
    Zachary Towne-Smith, Jessi Luna
  • Hello 2046 Me
    Ginny Santos
  • Theory U and YoU
    John Frederick, Joette Field
  • Art of Deferring Judgment
    Matteo Catullo, Max Hurson
  • Family Dreaming
    Nathalie Doré, Michel Delage
  • Kaleidoscope Groups
  • Painting Your Life
    Russell Thomas
  • Yoga Snack
    Brad Wong
  • Metaphor and Creativity
    René Bernèche
  • Mirror, Mirror
    John Sedgwick, Ian Rosenfeldt
  • From Story to Stage
    Michel Neray
  • Discover PREZI
    Carole Rudzinski
  • Boost Your Bliss!
    Laila Ghattas
  • Happiness!
    Susan Wenger
  • Creative Team Dynamics
    Marc Hurwitz, Samantha Hurwitz
  • Navigating Cultural Differences
    Hamlin Grange
  • Space-Making
    Mary Ellyn Vicksta
  • Make It Real
    Jim Ridge
  • Fantastic Voyage
    Co Doesburg
  • Third Way Leadership
    Gina Paigen
  • FOMO to JOMO
    Karen BK Chan
  • Stepping into Coherence
    Francois Coetzee
  • The Possible Dream
    Clara Kluk, Sylvain Rouillard
  • Breaking It Open
    Missy Carvin, Beth Slazak
  • Raising Adults
    Ismet Mamnoon
  • Are You Here Yet?
    Kate Ashby
  • U Lead
    Manuel Soto
  • Shower Thinking
    Clare Dus, Liz Monroe-Cook, Kristen Peterson
  • Innovating the NGO
    Yoel Kluk
  • Bounce!
    Greg Zlevor
  • Law Dogs and War Chiefs
    Nicole Dobinson
  • What Hill?
    Stanley Young
  • Going Wireless
    Guilherme Sarkis
  • Wake Up Singing
    Toto Berriel, Mario Allende
  • Graphic Recording Bootcamp
    Tanya Gerber
  • Between the Beats
    Mario Allende, Toto Berriel
  • Collaborative Listening
    Ian Poinsenet, Emad Jelouali
“The past few weeks has probably been the most creative time in my life! I got very inspired as the result of Mindcamp and since I returned back to Calgary, I’ve been playing with and experimenting with different ideas for my business.”Julia Zarina, Businesswoman, Alberta