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Thursday to Sunday August 21-24, 2014
Orillia, ON, Canada

Stuff you ask

"Is there an ATM?"
No. The nearest ATM is at Casino Rama, a 10-minute drive away. However we do accept US cash at par.

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Welcome to Mindcamp

First time here? Mindcamp is an annual creativity conference. If you feel like you’re missing something, check out What is Mindcamp? to find out what the heck this is all about.

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Top 10 Reasons to Carpool to Mindcamp

Got wheels? Fasten your seatbelt, because you are going to be racing to volunteer your taxi skills for Mindcamp! Here’s why:

  1. Good karma. Your generosity will earn you so much of it, you will be reborn in a higher state.
  2. It’s an adventure. Extra passengers add variables to the trip, anything could happen!
  3. It’s educational. Your new friend can teach you stuff while you drive. And if you pool your stock of jokes, you may become the two (or three, or four) wittiest persons at Mindcamp.
  4. Why wait to arrive? Mindcamp can start as soon as you pick up your first passenger.
  5. It’s fun! Check out this list of the Top 10 Road Trip Games… or make up a new one!
  6. It promotes equilibrium. Your car will be better balanced with someone in the passenger seat.
  7. cc

  8. It’s cheaper. Cost of gas from Toronto to Mindcamp is approximately $25 each way; your rider can share that cost.
  9. It’s courageous. No doubt your mom warned you that it’s dangerous to pick up strangers… and Mindcampers are pretty strange. So be brave!
  10. It puts you in charge. If you share a car with someone who is not coming to Mindcamp, it ensures they won’t be able to get into too much mischief while you’re gone.
  11. And the #1 reason…

  12. You’ll make a new friend.

Convinced? Good! Check the Mindcamp Facebook page. In the left column you’ll see “Posts to Page” and under it a couple of ride requests and offers already. Post, respond, or both!

Session Schedule is UP!

gert-purseSurprise! No Disappoint-o-meter this year, we just went ahead and made a schedule… and the information is on the site. Click here to view it. Remember, it is all subject to change! (What isn’t?)

You will also see times and locations for each session posted in the session description. And this year there’s a new enhancement: we show you what else is happening at that time right in each session description. Check it out… you’ll find it just above the presenter bio.

Everything you see on the schedule is subject to change. You DO understand that, right? SUBJECT TO CHANGE. So stay flexible, and keep checking back to keep up with our fine-tuning.

Yes, Please!

How improv can take you from making great scenes to building a great life

By Tessa Manuello

All green traffic lightAs creative minds, we’re busy with dozens of ideas, hundreds of things to do and many more we wish we would do in this lifetime. But it seems there is never enough time – not to mention we often think we don’t have the know-how to achieve them properly.

I hope to inspire you to say “Yes” more often. Saying “Yes” can ease fear and help you achieve many ideas.

A few years back, I used to live with many unachieved ideas. I thought I didn’t have enough time and lacked the expertise to make them happen.

It was not until I took an improv workshop in Paris in 2008 that I began to think differently. At the time I was a legal professional with a heavy caseload facilitating the resolution of commercial disputes. Taking an improv workshop seemed a good way to amuse myself… but it became much more that.

As an improviser, the first rule I learned was to say “Yes.” Accepting each other’s ideas with a smile and with confidence was key to building a great scene. That meant saying “Yes” to the unknown, taking the leap of faith and being comfortable not knowing what comes next.

As I took more improv workshops, I started incorporating the philosophy of improv into my personal and professional life. I thought that if the principles of improv could lead to making great scenes, why wouldn’t they also lead to building a great life?

By saying “Yes,” I’ve allowed myself to live many unexpected experiences: I moved to Canada, worked for a community program with the YMCA, produced an improvised comedy for the Fringe Festival, acted as a journalist, wrote/performed/blogged poetry, and created an initiative for the empowerment of women. I also got my application as a presenter accepted for this year’s Mindcamp!

By writing this post, I realize it’s been a while since I last said a strong “No” or a clumsy “I don’t know…” My “No, I can’t do this,” “No, I’m afraid of that,” “No, this is not exactly what I want” were based on fears: fear of no longer being in control, fear of failure, and fear of judgment, to name a few.

By saying “Yes,” life flourishes. Saying “Yes” enables us to experience fears and dismiss self-doubts, to learn and transform, to open one’s heart to life and to love.

I invite you to experience the power of saying “Yes” – be it for small changes or bigger moves.

Tessa ManuelloTessa Manuello co-presents Be There! A one-hour experience to get you in the moment and do one thing at a time at Mindcamp 2014. She may also present a Night Flight on the power of saying “Yes.” So say “Yes!”

Stop the Presses! Just Released!

ROZ__his_girl_friday_lYup, here’s our last amazing batch of programs, making 64 so far!

Today we don’t have time to make a pretty matrix of faces and clever comments (we’re too busy collecting our debts), so here’s the skinny, click through and enjoy!

OK, OK, can’t resist a quiz: first comment correctly naming the movie depicted above wins a prize!

It’s Payday!

Today’s the deadline to pay the balance if your Mindcamp fees! Click on Tyrion’s nose to do so. tyrion