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Here it is: the not-too-official Mindcamp Creativity Weekend planning blog. It’s your window into how the planning process for September’s conference is going and, in keeping with this year’s theme, we’ll give special attention to the banana peels we encounter along the way. Therefore this blog will be mostly about the things that make us wince, furrow our brows, fall on our butts, catch our breath, look up and say “that’s funny…”, etc.

Consider the comment section, below, a place where you can throw in your two cents, or maybe a few more banana peels.

The issue-du-jour:
Choosing programs. We have room for maybe 40 programs at most, but have way more submissions than that. Not only have many tried-and-true stars submitted multiple ideas, but we also have a number of new people popping up, offering fresh perspectives. Having made the initial selections (as I write 31 are now posted on the site) we’re agonizing over the last few, knowing that we’re going to have to say “no” to some really good material. It’s a wrenching process.

One of the ways we’re slaking our greed for more material, by the way, is through pecha-kuchas, which if you don’t know what they are yet check this out. More on this later.

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  1. Hello back at you. Here I go down another technical rabbit hole. Who knew you could do all this stuff? Well, clearly, the brains behind the Mindcamp planning did, and thank goodness they did, too.
    Keep it up F & T… it does indeed look like a super year in the making.

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