What’s in a Nametag?

Mindcamp Random

In keeping with our voluntary, low-cost, every-penny-counts, environmental approach, we’ve always shied away from Swag — you know, the T-shirts, bags, caps, pens, and other booty one gets at conferences. We even have people make their own nametags — that is of course all about creativity, but isn’t it nice that it saves money and printer ink.

Last year, however, thoroughly sick of the thin cords we’d been using (and having to untangle!), we were able to get a great price on some “thinkx/mindcamp” lanyards. It warmed our hearts quite disproportionately to be able to offer this tiny but respectable nugget of Swag to participants.

While discussing this year’s strategy, one of us produced the forest of nametag accessories accumulated over years of creativity-conference-going. Even after throwing out the broken, stained, cracked and old ones, there are still about 40 usable nametag holders here, from simple coloured lanyards to elaborate pouches with pockets and and penholders.

So we’ll have a tradeoff: there will be official thinkx/mindcamp lanyards, but there will also be a mixed bag of craziness for people who want to choose something completely different. And have you got any lanyards at home? Bring them along! Pass them around! Why not? It’s environmentally responsible, and frankly pretty creative too.