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Inevitably, some of our favourite Mindcampers can’t make it every year. And when they don’t they are missed! Two of them just touched me deeply today by sending something special. One is Jonathan Brown, who can’t make it this year as he’s travelling in Europe. But here’s what he sent me:

“In your last e-mail you sent me, you challenged me to learn and play a song in a language I didn’t know. Since I won’t be with you for this Mindcamp edition, have a look at this (100% in Italian). And also this one (in German), with a surprise guest. Have a great Mindcamp, my Mind will be with you while travelling in Europe. ;-)”

And here they are!

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  1. mindcamp schillert wie ein regenbogen!
    ideen spiegeln sich darin – ich wär gern mitgeflogen!!!

    sunny greetings to all present and absent friends!

    maren 🙂

  2. WOW – this is amaaaazing – and it just made me SO HAPPY! I love that Franca challenged you guys to learn a song and you DID two!

    Whoo hoo to you both!!! 🙂

    ps. You are really great musicians, and hope you can make it next year!

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