Oh, Dear, What Will the Weather Be?

Mindcamp Random

Starting 10 days before Mindcamp, my morning ritual includes looking the weather forecast and publishing the current predictions for each Mindcamp day as it draws closer. Starting with the wild-and-wooly 10-day forecasts — this year I’m using weather.com — I work my way to the more dependable 7-day forecasts from Environment Canada who refrain from longer-term predictions. In doing so, I pass through heaven and hell.

Will it rain? Will it be freezing cold? Will we get any sun at all? Can we have a campfire? Should we warn people to bring umbrellas, extra blankets?

September is generally a mercurial month, weather-wise, or rather I should say weather-prediction-wise. The 10-day forecast tends to be rather dramatic, and this year at one point or another predicted rain on every Mindcamp day. Environment Canada, reassuringly, has come in with more moderate forecasts of clouds and the odd shower. Fortunately for us, EC forecasts tend to be the most reliable, and they’re also specific to the vicinity of Mindcamp, whereas the US-based weather.com recognizes only Toronto as a prediction-worthy locale.

All of which is to say that, if you want to share my heaven and hell, watch the changing predictions unfold as I post them on the front page of mindcamp.org.