What a Great Mindcamp!…. and the To Do List

Mindcamp Random

Awesome Mindcamp! You’d think our job would be done, but now there’s a great big to-do list, including, in no particular order:

  1. collect, read, and share evaluations among the planning team
  2. share evaluations with presenters when requested (and appropriate)
  3. organize storage for the Mindcamp supplies, previously stored in Kristen’s basement but she’s moving next month
  4. go back and drop off lost keys plus pick up the giant graffiti sign Sid Marquez created as Graffeur-in-Residence
  5. before that, figure out where we can store said graffiti sign
  6. post a list of the machu-picchus (which is what pecha-kuchas will henceforth be called, thanks to Bill Sturner) on the website so people can see who presented what
  7. start a Mindcamp 2009 group on The Hub so people can post their stories and pictures etc. etc.
  8. create a page giving the websites, blogs and Twitter names for presenters so people can follow up with them (or just follow them)
  9. before that, write presenters to ensure we have their blog addresses and Twitter names, which we’ve never thought to collect before
  10. figure out which weekend we can book for Mindcamp 2010
  11. collect all the petty cash receipts and reimburse people who spent money on our behalf
  12. tidy up all the bookkeeping
  13. send out a couple of invoices for last-minute registrations and upgrades
  14. send out an email pointing participants to the handout web page (a page containing links to PDFs of handouts presenters were willing to share)
  15. before that, send out an email to presenters encouraging them to provide PDFs if they haven’t already
  16. have a debrief meeting among the planning team to discuss how things went and how they might change for next year
  17. change the date/information on the website to reflect the fact that Mindcamp 2009 has already happened, and Mindcamp 2010 is now less than a year away
  18. send out paypal invoices for the IOUs we received for T-shirts and books
  19. kick myself for not getting decent photos of the half-dozen presenters who have never provided me with anything better than a lo-res grainy postage stamp or 20-year-old vacation snap….
  20. …..?

OK that’s all I can think of sitting here in the kitchen at my laptop. There are certainly about a million more I haven’t thought of or am not responsible for anyway. But instead of doing them, well, I’m writing this. Much less overwhelming!

If you who are reading this were at Mindcamp, THANK you for coming and making it the great event that it was. If you weren’t, my sincere condolences, you missed the best Mindcamp ever….Sorry!