PayPal for Newbies: the real experience

Mindcamp Random

by Anik April

Anik April did us the great favor of describing her payment experience from the perspective of a new Mindcamp Participant. We love this kind of feedback, especially when it’s outlined so wittily…

Thank you for your email. I was thinking about writing because I’ve been hesitating about the payment. To illustrate my main concerns, here’s a sample of what’s been going on in my mind:

  • Hmm, it’s a big chunk at once. I’ll ask if I can make an arrangement, maybe pay in 2 instalments.
  • …Ah, what the heck, just go for it and deal with the consequences when the time comes.
  • Ok, go for the credit card. 
  • Right, pay by Internet. Little nervous about that. Never done that before. And don’t really trust my recently Trojan horsed computer right now… 
  • Ah, yes. Get the secondary credit card. The one with the smaller limit. 
  • Go through many long-forgotten files to find it. 
  • Find several. %*&?! All expired. Great. What do I do now? Not enough time to get a new one…
  • Oh, just have confidence and use the main card, go to PayPal and do as gazillions of other people do. 
  • …Nope, still not sure…

    Fortunately all is well now, we arranged for her to pay with postdated cheques. 

    If you have any “interesting” experiences with registration or payment, let us know. We don’t have much control over PayPal, but maybe we can at least do something to make the pain go away…

    Newcomer Anik April will present Creative Writing Workshop: Make your wor(l)ds collide! at Mindcamp 2013.