Dearest Head Mindcampers…

Mindcamp Random

The other day we received a warm letter from a first-time Mindcamper. With her permission, we reproduce an excerpt below. We hope her words resonate for all our participants!

“When I left Mindcamp, I felt literally cleansed on the inside, lighter, happier and more enthused and grateful than ever before. Knowing that all those great people I met are out there making the world a better and “funner” place is comforting beyond belief.
I feel I have found, if I may say, ‘my people’, my tribe, my community, a true sense of belonging. I had never met so many incredibly wonderful, accepting, intelligent, caring, creative, fun and crazy people who really accept you and allow you to be who you truly are. And even encourage you to express just that. People who look intently into your eyes and are willing to really connect. A thousand thanks to everyone who welcomed me with such open hearts… And arms. ‘Cause boy, those HUGS!!!
And this leads me to my next point. I recommend that you warn first-timers of the adverse effects of attending Mindcamp. Yes, I have discovered that there is a serious withdrawal syndrome one can go through afterwards.
My many thanks also go out to all the presenters who so generously contributed to the success of the event and to those who made their notes available to everyone, even if we didn’t attend their sessions. It’s so uplifting to know all these professionals (including yourselves) volunteered. That means you’ve created something that’s worth their while. And I can see why you have received an abundance of offers.
Plus, the kids’ program is just a really great idea. Having them around was just super. 
A little for the brain, a little for the body and lots for the soul. That was my experience and it’s exactly what I needed. It was refreshing, precious and life-altering. I have learned so much and have brought home with me some useful tools and bits of information that keep me growing, personally and professionally.