Bringing Mindcamp into “Real Life”

Mindcamp Random

We just received a note from the mother of Invisible Iman and Super Hana (two of our Mindcamp super-heros) saying that Iman is planning her birthday party around a game she learned at Mindcamp. From Ismeet, their mom:

“I thought you might be interested to hear that Iman and Hana are still as enthusiastic and vested in their Mindcamp experience as they were the day we left. I truly believe that I shall need an advent calendar for the next Mindcamp to tide them over in their impatience to get back to that experience.

“Iman turns 13 in a few weeks and as she has been planning her birthday party, she has decided to recapture the Mindcamp experience and share it with her friends. She has decided to have a ‘Culture Island’ themed party. Both the girls are giddy with the excitement of sharing this concept with their friends. Listening to their chatter and observing their enthusiasm has once again made me realize the value of the creativity community – and I wanted to thank you for having facilitated the entry into this field for my girls. I know there were other people involved too – please share my gratitude with them and let them know that at Chez Mamnoon – MINDCAMP LIVES ON!!!!!”

Let us know about your post-Mindcamp… If you’ve found that the Mindcamp experience, or something you learned here, has changed your life, inspire us with your tale!