Mindcamp Amsterdam?

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Art in front of Amsterdam City Hall -- hey this is a creative place!

We’ve been in touch with Caroline Combé, a city planner for the City of Amsterdam who, thanks to a connection with Mindcamper Branko Broekman, is planning to organize a Mindcamp Amsterdam.

She’s a member of a group called the “Floating Office” — about 12 trained facilitators for creative thinking working for the city of Amsterdam at different departments. Here’s a quote from her latest letter:

We would really love to have a first Mindcamp this summer in Amsterdam. Since time is short for organizing it, we might start with a one day Mindcamp. If it is a success, next year we can make it a whole weekend.

They’re just at the beginning but promise to keep us in the loop, and we’ve promised to offer help, advice, and permission to use the name based on the look of their plans fitting in with our volunteer approach.