Is This Right for Me?

Mindcamp Random

Mindcampers are a very diverse group, but they have thing in common: for whatever reason, they want to colour outside of the lines. Some have just always been like that. Others have always coloured INSIDE the lines, and they want a change. All can be accommodated. There are programs in which people can learn problem-solving techniques, explore new ways of seeing the world, or just make something wonderful and never mind the theory. Check out the program: you’ll see there’s quite a range.

A potential new Mindcamp participant (who has since registered!) wrote us with a really great question:

I am not entirely sure this is something for me and so am a little on the fence. I have never participated in anything like this and don’t consider myself to be the most creative person. Do most people that come work professionally in creativity?

Occasionally people tell us that they wouldn’t think of themselves as particularly creative. It’s pretty common: most of the people who come to Mindcamp probably thought that way at some time as well.

In our society, we’re taught that creativity is about art or music or poetry. And of course it is. But it’s much more than that. Real creativity is simply about solving problems (sometimes art problems, sometimes, music problems, sometime business problems, sometimes family problems) by thinking more creatively and more productively. And THINKING creatively is a skill that can be learned and developed.

ALL of us are creative. It’s just not all of us have discovered that yet. And once you do, watch out! Your world (and the world of those around you) will never be the same again.

Thanks to new Mindcamp participant Beth Rachlis for letting us use her letter… and be sure to say “hi” to her on September 8! As we said to her (and we say to you), “it’ll be a lot of fun, and you will meet amazing people.”