Toronto Mini-doc by Mindcamper

Mindcamp Random

Mindcamp video editing whiz David During just posted this video to The Hub: a mini-documentary about Toronto he co-created. It’s such a great portrait of the city, we feel compelled to re-post it here. Enjoy!


Here’s the film’s official blurb:

Swift Existence is an intense musically driven documentary of Toronto. In the vein of Koyaanisqatsi, director Kyle Sheib’s camera captures the chaotic rhythms of the environment. Video editor David During infuses these visions to the musical beats and melodies of Team Sleep, where he shares the experience of a flickering and intergangeable consciousness shared between people and the city they live in.

David During is assisting Tom Beakbane in presenting Lights, Camera, Watch out, Michael Bay! at this year’s Mindcamp.