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by John Sedgwick

So, what is your Mindcamp take-away this year?

It’s all very well and good that you leave the Mindcamp experience with that warm fuzzy feeling of friendship and you report that you are full of new ideas, but what are you really going to do that is different. What are you changing as a direct result of those few days?

I’ll share my plan and then I hope to read, and perhaps comment, when you share yours. My action plan stems from Franca’s session on blogging, WordPress Express: From Zero to Blog in 90 Minutes. I chose that one because I knew nothing about bogging and had never heard of WordPress. I did, however, have an itch to scratch.

Several years ago an elderly gentleman I knew found himself alone with his six kids geographically scattered and all leading busy lives. One of his sons introduced him to a piece of software called Front Page and soon he was the ‘editor’ of the Laughton Family Newsletter. He collected stories from his grandchildren, question about recipes, pictures from any and all trips and he literally kept the family together… and with each issue he gave himself a gift.

The WordPress software is a massive advanced on Front Page and my family is smaller, but the itch was to do a ‘build-on’ what old Wally did. And in Franca’s session I got my start. I now have a blog site called ‘Family Stuff’. Two of my children have made comments. One even has offered to be a second administrator and help his old man out.  I have a copy of WordPress for Dummies and I know the general direction of the next few posts.

So, what’s different now in your post-MC 2011?  Tell us what itch you had and what happened at Mindcamp to trigger your action plan. Better still, write a blog post (like this one!) and email it to us at We’ll post it here.

Cheers… Sedge

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