What’s a “Cottager”?

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We won’t be alone at Geneva Park: it’s a multi-purpose enclave that includes 40 small cottages as well as the conference facility. They are located along the shoreline on the far side of the beach.

The cottages are rented out by the week to people who apply to YMCA “Family Camp”. Families stay in the cottages, use the site facilities, and there is even a staff of camp counsellors who provide water sport instruction, organize tournaments and events, provide children’s activities, and… well, I won’t list them all here because you can read about them in the little newsletter they publish for Family Camp every week. Click here to download a sample in PDF form.

Some families come year after year, and since the site has been operating for more than a century (wow!) there are people who’ve been going to Geneva Park cottages since they were children. Families have to apply as early as October for space the following summer, it it fills up within a couple of weeks of registration opening.

The cottages have their own kitchens, so you won’t see cottagers in the dining area, but you will see them around the main buildings (the tuck shop in particular is a popular destination). We’ll also be sharing the beach and the water activity centre with them. Some great news: Family Camp has a significant supply of yoga mats and ukuleles that we have permission to use!