Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Mindcamp Random

Last year we brought in an amazing innovation… amazing to us, anyway. We actually counted the number of people who attended each session.

What we discovered surprised us: during any given program slot, about 25% of Mindcamp participants were NOT in a program. Where were they? Some were preparing for later sessions or taking care of non-Mindcamp business, but a sizeable chunk were, we think, taking time out to enjoy the site.

This year our location, though different, is equally awesome, and offers even more non-program things to do. So we are going to offer something more too: the opportunity to enjoy it without having to miss Mindcamp programs.

You can elect to stay over, this year, on Sunday night at a special price ($130 budget, $160 shared, $200 single, including meals). This means that you could have Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday morning to wander the trails, enjoy the beach, or just chill with the other Mindcampers who chose to hang in. You’ll also miss the Sunday afternoon traffic back into the city.

If you’re interested in this option and have already registered, just email us. And if you haven’t registered yet, then be sure to tick the “Stay Sunday” box on the registration form.