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PayPal Pains? No Problem

Paypal is moving… that is, they are moving their website, systems and databases to a new data center in Salt Lake City. The move entails some hardware upgrades that are scheduled for Thursday evenings in June.

What it means to us is, if you need to make a payment between 9pm and 11pm Toronto time on a Thursday in June, it may be declined, or you may get an error. No worries! You will not lose your money! It just means that the transaction won’t go through. So if you get an error, try again the next day and it will likely work just fine.

The whole experience (which they seem to be handling beautifully) brings back memories of managing events in the 1980s: I had a manual credit card imprinter and a deal with the bank that had me handing over nearly 6% of every transaction. And I had to BEG for that deal: forms, credit checks, demands for security deposits, all kinds of humiliations.

Thanks to PayPal, Mindcamp takes credit card payments from around the world and the fee is around 3%, sometimes more, sometimes less. And we set it up in minutes. PayPal’s been great for small businesses, and we are VERY grateful. So a few errors when they’re moving their operation to Utah? Not a pain, not at all. Hey, click on the pic for a nostalgic view of Ol’ Knucklebuster in action…