Resting with Resistance


by Franca Leeson

At the end of every yoga class, there’s a wonderful thing called shavasana, “corpse pose”. You lie down on your back with your arms at your sides, close your eyes, and simply surrender to gravity. It is considered essential to the successful integration of what your body-mind has learned during that day’s practice.

This year at Mindcamp we are going to actively provide spaces and times for your own version of “corpse pose” — opportunities, if you wish to take them, to integrate the sheer volume of learning and connection you will experience each day. Your own shavasana doesn’t have to be lying on the ground, it could be journalling, meditating, doing a little yoga or qi gong, or simply walking by the water with or without a quiet friend. STAY TUNED for more information about this!

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You will be able to try out shavasana yourself at Morning Yoga and Meditation, taught by Allie Middleton.

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  1. I really like this idea!

    I’m thinking I will avail myself of this time journalling, spending quiet time with a friend, and instead of qi gonging, do some ukuleling.

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