We Are NOT…

Tim Hurson Mindcampology

Over the years, we’ve often heard people describe Mindcamp by what we’re not:

We’re NOT stuffy. We’re NOT a traditional conference. We’re NOT overly structured. We’re NOT expensive. We’re NOT boring (at least I hope not!).

Well, today we discovered another thing we’re NOT. We’re not authorized to have a Pecha Kucha Cabaret. At least not without putting a ™ after the PK. Seems someone has trademarked Pecha Kucha™ and wants to attach a few conditions to those who use the name.

So in the ever-flexible spirit of Mindcamp, we’re ditching Pecha Kucha™ and going with…

…what a lot of Mindcampers call it anyway — Machu Picchu!

A Macchu Picchu is maybe a teeny bit like a Pecha Kucha™ — but really it’s NOT. In fact, it’s totally different. A Pecha Kucha™ is built around 20 slides of 20 seconds each, whereas a Machu Picchu is built around 20 slides of 15 seconds each — in other words, we’re a full 25% shorter. Imagine comparing two cars, one of which gets 25% better fuel mileage. You certainly wouldn’t confuse those two cars, would you? Well, ’nuff™ said! Besides, we’re easier to pronounce.

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