What to Tell the Boss

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You dream of coming to Mindcamp, and you know your company will benefit from it, so quite reasonably want to propose it as an employee training experience worthy of their investment.

But when you try to talk about Mindcamp at work, your eyes shine, your skin flushes, your voice becomes animated, and you start to exhibit other telltale signs of excitement.

This might not go over so well in certain traditionally-minded corporations! It could cause your pitch for time off and a slice of the training budget to miss the mark.

Relax! Help is at hand! We’ve added a whole page of good reasons to come to Mindcamp, translated into Corporatespeak just for you. Simply study them and practice them in front of a mirror, looking as serious, predictable, and non-threatening as possible. Click here to read the full article.

Thanks to Christine G. for inspiring this. She’s probably pitching to her boss right this minute. Sure hope she makes it!