1000 Marbles More

Mindcamp Random

by Bill Brooks

This is new! It has taken about 1000 weeks to come up with the content but it is new. If you had followed us around for the past 1000 days looking for what the content would be you would still be no wiser. This is a creativity conference where NEW stuff is supposed to be tried and ambiguity tolerated – limited information is just part of the process.

So we will talk about time in a way that you probably haven’t consciously thought about it before.

We will look at the concept of 1000, things that come in thousands (or 1/1000ths)

We put the two together and challenge you to do something with the combined concept. At the end of only 90 minutes you’ll have a different appreciation for both the concept of 1000 and for the concept of personal time.

We only have 500 words and if a picture is worth a 1000 words then below you find the other 333 (or thereabouts).

Bill and Susan Brooks present 1000 Marbles: Pondering the intangibles at Mindcamp 2012.