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New Mindcamper S. is totally buzzed that she’s coming, but would like some guidance on which sessions to take for her particular interest: teaching and inspiring middle-school kids.

I know you veteran Mindcampers are filled with wisdom you could share with her, so please read on and jump in with your comments! Here is her question:

“I have signed up to go to my first Mindcamp! I am super excited as I am developing a new middle school creativity curriculum called “Creative Endeavors” (for the last 12 years, I have been the art teacher). Any advice as to which sessions would be particularly helpful for inspiring middle school age kids to think and behave creatively? Thanks!”

Any help out there?

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  1. Hi NMCSpend some time w/ the youth pgm… Go to Mary ellen Vistka’s iPad session the kids love to play w/ the pad

    and Make sure you catch Michael Jones. Just a few Wrecks..

  2. Great stuff would include:
    – anything by Jim Ridge
    – improv with Russ Schoen
    – creativity press with Megan and Kristen for a toolset to take back with you… the best place to start

    There is lots more!!! This is just a start… you have to choose from an awesome set of facilitators and courses!

  3. ImageStreaming session with Win Wenger and I. Learn to swim in infinity. ” Expand their containers”. Be able to facilitate your students’ access to their subconsciousness and beyond.

  4. Check out Sessions in Buckets — this gives all the sessions sorted by main focus. You’ll be able to get a clearer picture of the general focus of sessions and what kind of experience they might offer. Then when you read session descriptions, pay attention to the heading “The Skinny: 3 things you will get from this session” at the bottom of the description. This is where you get a summary of take-aways. 🙂

  5. Thanks everyone! It looks like I will have to do my best to be several places at once! 🙂 What a nice problem to have!

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