Take a Breath…

Mindcamp Random

by Goran Matic

There is quite a bit of significance in taking a breath before taking an action.

This does not mean that one should both inhale and exhale, necessarily, prior to initiating movement; usually one or the other is quite sufficient.

The reasons behind this are quite deep, and are touched upon across a variety of disciplines — including deep body therapy, psycho-somatic work and kinesiology, with lots of research published somewhat independently in those fields. All this is however somewhat complex if you simply wish to improve your movement or creativity, so we will treat this experientially during our session at Mindcamp.

Body is a psycho-somatic structure that has interesting properties of being able to store energetic experiences — which we call feelings and emotions. If they are stressful, sometimes these energetic experiences can stay locked in body-structures. The body deals with these experiences experiences by “distributing” them across the different layers of such body structures. Breath-work can liberate those internal tensions, preparing the body for movement and making it more flexible. Increased physical flexibility increases the psychological flexibility, and this also makes the body more “un-stuck” and helps with creative work.

We’ll be exploring a few tension / breath types of movement, in an attempt to illustrate and offer some helpful techniques. They are very easy and fun to do, and, best of all, they are immediately effective.

Goran Matic co-presents Breath(e): Breathing for Creativity with his sister Ana Matic at Mindcamp 2012.