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As many of you know, we want to reduce the number of public announcements we make during Mindcamp. And eliminate completely the need for disruptive mealtime announcements.

Although we’re still looking for suggestions (see our blog post), it looks like Twitter will be at least part of the solution.

So we’ve set up a Twitter account @MindcampX and a hashtag #mindcamp. If you’re a Twitter user with a smart device, here’s what to do:

1) Search for, and then follow @MindcampX

2) Set up a search for the hashtag #mindcamp and then save the search (most twitter clients allow you to do that).

We’ll post significant announcements both before and during Mindcamp using the hashtag, so you’ll always be in the know.

Of course, this also means you can post using the hashtag if you’d like to network with other Mindcamp twitterati. Cool.

NOTE: Our Twitter @name is MindcampX. Don’t forget the X at the end or you’ll be following someone else.

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  1. In the blog there was mention of using a message board as an alternate or additional communication option. I would like to see something like that happen because I am not a twitter user. I do not intend to become one during Mindcamp. Thanks!

    1. Don’t worry we are not going to force anyone to use one or another communication method. Just trying to take advantage of channels that are already there. One man’s bulletin board is another man’s tweet 🙂 why not serve both?

  2. No worries Anthony. We’re just trying to connect in whatever way is comfortable and useful for people. It’s all one big experiment. We’ll have bulletin boards and perhaps table sheets and town criers too!

  3. I’m not keen on using Twitter or other such services/devices during Mind Camp. I feel it will distract people from connecting as people.
    We are all putting effort into being together in one place.

    Lets’ BE together!!

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