We Fly By Night

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Every year, all Mindcampers have the opportunity to offer something we call Night Flights. These are workshops that are held after the normally scheduled sessions. Here is how it works:

People who want to present fill out a form that says what the session is about, how long it will be, and which night it will be (it can be either Friday or Saturday night).

Then we post the sheet on a bulletin board for everyone to see. People who are interested sign up on the sheet. We then assign a room appropriate to the number of people who have indicated they want to come.

Night Flights start at 10:00pm. On Saturday there will be competition from the Machu Picchu Cabaret, but some people will prefer to go to Night Flights rather than the cabaret.

Night Flight forms will be available at Mindcamp during the conference, but you can get one right now by clicking here.