The Nest

Mindcamp Random

by Aspen Heisey

I came to MindCamp knowing that I would be distracted by the fact that I had to officiate / facilitate a highly customized wedding on the Saturday, with the rehearsal on Friday at noon. So Friday morning I went to the LIFT workshop with Allie and Newell. They introduced this NEST (a huge elastic fabric loop) to the class.

All 25 of us managed to get inside! I was hooked. I asked Allie if I could borrow it to take to the wedding rehearsal — as a Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I am always looking for creative ideas of how to make wedding rehearsals fun and meaningful.

The bride and groom got in first and then their 9 attendants as well as the bride and groom’s parents. Then I invited them to lean back, and begin to sway… sort of a trust exercise. They loved it! After the wedding the next day the groom’s dad made it a point of telling me how much he enjoyed it.

Thanks to Allie and Newell for their generosity — letting me spread the LIFT and the Nest!

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  1. AMAZING! I feel lifted just reading about it! Allie and Newell’s uplifting spirits are truly invaluable to be around! Thanks for sharing!

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