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Olwen Wolfe wanted to share these comments with the Mindcamp community…click below to read more.

I’ve learned so much watching and enjoying your leadership!

To watch your leadership, one had to want to, because you were always very discreet. I am particularly touched when I see people walk the talk as you do, so I observed as much as possible: clear purpose, meaning and direction, motivating communication, creativity in every aspect from program to logistics, light-hearted invitations to all throughout to make conscious choices and be responsible and independent, all this with your special style of fun and positivity!

Enjoying was easy, Mindcamp was seamless, delightful.

I’m glad to have had a glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes, with Franca, Tim, Kristen and Sedge frequently problem solving – productively – as they breathed! I noticed an extraordinarily high level of motivation and efficiency among organizers, bananas and fairies.

I want to say all this again, as I did at the closing, not being certain that Franca and Tim had heard then.

We all wanted to give you a loooooong standing ovation and you were behind the scenes somewhere doing your magic.


Olwen Wolfe

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  1. Seamless, gracious, playful, focussed and care for everyone. That was the quiet power of the management team. And hooray, Olwen for describing it all so beautifully and truly, Lee

  2. Major ditto to Olwen’s beautiful articulation of what I presume to be a universal sentiment, and to Lee’s (always) lovely words as well… quiet power indeed, and the very humblest of heads!

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