Kazuaki Tanahashi

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Some quotes of Kazuaki Tanahashi. He is a Japanese calligrapher who specializes in “one stroke” paintings.

Apply as needed 🙂

A friend of mine picked up a painting I had thrown into the garbage. He said, “What’s the problem with this piece?” I said, “No problem” “Then why did you throw it away?” I said, “A painting has to have a great problem. If it has a minor problem or no problem, it’s garbage.”

If we learn to enjoy waiting, we don’t have to wait to enjoy. If enjoyment becomes immediate, most problems in life will go away. So will my ulcer.

What pleases our eyes is not dangerous enough.

Refinement is my enemy.

As soon as you accept the accidental effects, they are no longer accidents. They are necessity — the part of yourself that you could not expect or design beforehand. Thus the realm of your creativity grows wider.

There’s no need to imagine before you paint. Painting brings forth imagination.

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  1. I love these! Especially the waiting, dangerous, and accidental ones.

    Cheers from Abu Dhabi, which seems to be the result of a totally non-accidental encounter between east west north south in out and this and that.

  2. I love his work and his descriptions of his art! Here is another passage from his book “Brush Mind” that I find pretty mind-stopping.

    “A bamboo brush is an extremely inefficient tool. It takes years to be able to draw a line the way you want to. It may be compared to a bamboo flute, the shakuhachi. To be able to make one note right on the shakuhachi takes a long time. But once you get it, the sound is so profound that even one note is overwhelming.”

    Tim, thank you for reminding us of the adventure.

  3. oops, still getting familiar with e-postings and such…
    Correction: Thank you “New Posting” poster person!

    (and Tim, a general thanks to you and all of the Mindcamp crew.)

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