New Zealand in April? Why Not!

Mindcamp Random

Heads up you world travellers, Mindcamp alumnus Wayne Morris is an organizer of this year’s first-ever NZ Creativity Challenge, to take place at Taranaki, New Zealand 27-28 April 2013.

A weekend in New Zealand anyone? Why not! You’ll be joined by fellow Mindcampers Tim Hurson, Franca Leeson, Joe Miguez, Alan Black, Wayne Morris, Francois Coetzee, and Tony Esteves — and maybe more, but they’re the ones we know about right now. Potential benefits:

  • Another awesome creativity conference
  • You get to go to New Zealand
  • You will be able to say you were in at the beginning when this conference grows to become the prime creativity event in the entire galaxy in 2025
  • It’s just like Lord of the Rings!

It looks like they have a great lineup of presenters in place and we’re very excited to see how this maiden voyage goes. If interested, click here to read more, or click here to download a PDF, or click here to look at a monkey shopping at IKEA.