Inspired by Nature

Mindcamp Random

by Sheri Kennedy
springIt is early spring in New England. Change is never easy, but gardening can provide wonderful “grounding” (pun intended) as well as great ideas to ease the transition.

A garden is never “done,” but provides satisfaction with each change or tending. Watching the crocus, daffodils and tree buds and flowers burst into a wide variety of leaves and blossoms makes my senses tingle with anticipation. Their colors, shapes and structure change daily, slowly transforming my neighborhood from winter to spring.

Nature has inspired lots of good ideas — birds inspired human flight, plant burrs inspired Velcro, shark skin and pine cones have inspired innovations in performance fabrics, and of course, architects have always turned to nature for ideas.

How does nature inspire you?

Sheri Kennedy presents Painting Positive Change: Using visual art to navigate creative transitions at Mindcamp 2013.