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by Joe Miguez

Lab-blogI have been frequently asked what got me interested in the concept of the Labyrinth (LAB). Having a background in art, I resonated with the design, which I saw for the first time in the NYT.

As a child, one of the joys for my parents was to go Atlantic City. My father, who was born in Galicia, Spain, held me in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, saying to me that when the tide was high here, it was low on the other side of the world… ebb and flow, a textile of life…

Almost 20 years ago I brought the concept of the LAB-yrinth to CPSI, to transcend the normal tools and techniques of creative thinking… Neuroscience is affirming my decision. In the years that I have immersed myself in the concept, symbol and construct, I have compressed it into its potent essences for transformation: Mountain 10.

My challenge at this phase is sustainability, for you and me… Many years ago I attended an ASTD conference where I heard Tom Peters say, “Change is easy, it is sustaining the change that is the CHALLENGE.”

I consider the LAB to be four fields collapsing into one singularity. Every point  in the field contains pent-up motion defined by vectors (arrows expressing direction and magnitude, think scalar energy), each of which is moving at odds with every other vector and is anything but passive. That is the opportunity… Can we do the dance?

Joe Miguez is presenting When Worlds Collide and the Mindcamp Labyrinth this year at Mindcamp. And here’s another look at the video trip through last year’s Labyrinth.

And here’s a quick contest: The first two readers who write back with the answer to the following question win a free drink at Mindcamp. Ready? OK here it is. How many sessions have been chosen for Mindcamp so far? Email your answer to contact-at-mindcamp-dot-org.

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