Mindcamp and Innoversity: A beautiful beginning

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innoversitysummitMindcampers Hamlin Grange and Cynthia Reyes are the founders as well as two of the prime movers behind Innoversity — a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto. Through Innoversity they work to create opportunities for cultural minority, Aboriginal and disabled Canadians to actively engage with, and be reflected within, key societal sectors and institutions. Since last year we have been looking at ways in which Innoversity and Mindcamp can work together.

Hamlin and Cynthia

Hamlin and Cynthia

As Mindcamp, our objective is to promote cross-attendance, with the hope of encouraging more diversity and awareness of its benefits in the Mindcamp community. So we’re trying to promote more awareness of Mindcamp at Innoversity, and more awareness of Innoversity at Mindcamp.

Our first order of business this year is to offer a Mindcamp scholarship to one of the finalists of their Pitch Competition at their annual Innoversity Creative Summit™. This is a marketplace for great ideas and a meeting place for those who work in the media and cultural sector, with practical and creative workshops, panels and showcases, thought-provoking guest speakers, and many opportunities to launch ideas.

The Innoversity Summit takes place May 28-29 this year in Toronto, and participation is a matter of registering on their website and paying the (very small) fee. Check it out here: www.innoversitysummit.com.

Watch this space (or come to Mindcamp!) to follow developments!