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01-AC-Lightning-Round_300It’s time to reward our blog subscribers with a drink to the fleetest (or the one most constantly stuck on his/her computer looking for distractions.

The first three blog subscribers who correctly answer the following skill-testing question get a free drink at Mindcamp!

(Not a subscriber? No worries, you can become one and THEN answer. Use the “Stay Updated” box in the right sidebar or the “Follow” slider at the bottom right. NOTE: you will need to confirm using the email that gets triggered by signing up before I can see you on the subscriber list.)

Here it is: How many Bananas are there this year? (Hint: the answer can be found by mousing around the site.)

Update: Congratulations Marc Hurwitz, Missy Carvin, and Joe Miguez for correct (or at least wonderfully creative) answers!

Bonus round: Nobody tried to answer the last contest 🙁 Was it too hard? Did nobody read to the bottom of the story? Anyway check the Blog, there are three additional drinks waiting to be won.

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  1. There are [correct answer redacted], according to the pictures and names listed under Bananas.

  2. So, let’s see.
    There are one banana or [answer redacted] banananim.
    Or somewhere inbananatween?
    Or fewer than one…
    and more than [answer redacted]?
    Hmm. Who will ween?

  3. Congrats Marc and Missy for prompt and correct answers…. and congrats Mr.HiggsB for a truly creative answer. And Tim…. very creative, but Top Bananas don’t qualify for prizes!!!

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