Mindcamp Mindcamp 2013

by Tessa Manuello

Mindcamp adds a Passeggiata to its program! And guess what? We enjoyed it so much, the free hugs by Tzabia Siegel as much as the “Improve your Thinking” Well by John Sedgwick and the ones we’ve missed — but heard were so good — on the other end of the Passeggiata.

But Nathalie Doré and I were busy putting up this little show for you, dear Mindcampers. This Passeggiata that is about “the casual encounters that are the true heart of a good conference” as they explain, was an opportunity to offer this short performance I improvised in a fortune theatre made of a smiley-line of chairs and a natural sunset as set design.

This poem I have written is about being “enchained in your genes” (and not just your jeans as Nathalie pointed out when introducing me to a nicely dress-casual audience). I hope it brought your hearts together (and what about those Left and Right hemispheres connecting more…?)

[It did! It did! — signed, Mindcamp]
Here is a link to the English translation of the poem.


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  1. Passenggiata was a great experience on the first night. The second night it began even better. Then my own allergy to mosquitoes chased me inside along with the fact that Joe M., my roommate and I had been up talking until after 4 am the night before and I needed sleep.

    Though I have wandered the streets, passageways, squares, pizzias of dozens of cities around the world I did it as a stranger, an introvert, observing, watching, not participating.

    Mindcamp Passenggiata helped me open my cocoon and let some of the hidden extrovert out to play.

    Also my cocoon was opened to several new chance connections with people I had never met before to people I have known in small ways for many years.

    Thank you for holding the Passenggiata.

    Wandering Alan

  2. I really enjoyed your performance Tessa, unforgettable and touching. Keep poetry alive, it’s beautiful what you do.
    It was great meeting you,

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