Three Steps to De-Stress

Mindcamp Article

by Sheri Kennedy

I got up early this morning, did 45 minutes of yoga, and finished another chapter in my book before getting the kids ready for day care. Yeah, right. Only in my dream life where the two-year-old doesn’t wake up from a nightmare at 4 am and insist on tossing, turning and kicking in my bed until finally falling asleep sprawled across me from 6 to 7 am.

In reality, I cajoled and wheedled the kids to the car as they squabbled over “needing” the same blue cup as my husband moaned about being late and not wanting to drive two crying kids to school. They finally left at a truce, and I went back upstairs to get weepy for a few minutes, then force myself to the computer so I wouldn’t lie back down and take a nap.

Now, who am I and what do I do? Oh, yeah. I teach people how to reduce stress, be more creative, and solve problems. What was that first step? Listen to my body. Maybe that nap will help, then a rigorous set of calisthenics or a brisk walk around the block.

Second step? Focus the mind with a warm-up activity that is not too difficult and related to the goal I want to accomplish. Oh, yeah. I need to pick ONE goal to work on first, or I’ll never get through the half a zillion I have planned for today. The goal with the shortest deadline floats to the top. It’s a writing project, so I’m writing this blog to start the verbal juices flowing.

Third step? Take a deep breath, and just start somewhere. As when I loose my way hiking, I remember the rule of thumb “just keep going.” I will eventually find trail blazes or a high peak, or recognize something that assures me I am on the right path.

kennedy_sheSheri Kennedy presented Painting Positive Change: Using visual art to navigate creative transitions at Mindcamp 2013.

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  1. Amen to that! Listen to your body when it speaks gently because if you don’t it will speak loudly – that’s when they wheel you into the emergency room on a stretcher. Keep sharing the message Sheri and keep smiling – see you next week

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