Piggybank Logic

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2013

A Night Flight led by Joe Miguez — reported by Russell Thomas

Set in the Daniel Centre, a rustic wooden building by the water, Joe had a circular design taped to the floor with four quadrants, a circle in the middle and a circle on the outside. There was an earthiness to the setting that really worked for me, a setting that will always be part of the memory.

The device of PIGGY BANKS is brilliant as it ties into a personal story and is a perfect metaphor for the deposits and withdrawals we make throughout our lives.

With intention in our hearts we moved into the first quadrant (AWARENESS), asking our faculties what we need to be aware of that we might have been ignoring or glossing over.

Once something came to us we could move into the second quadrant (LET GO!), asking what were those things in our lives that we need to release, things that have been getting in our way, holding us back or weighing us down.

Into the third quadrant (VISION) we latched on to the image of our ideal future before moving to the fourth (REALIZATION) where vision has become reality.

Standing in the centre we spent time looking back on how we got there before going on a reverse journey pausing in REALIZATION, VISION, LET GO! and AWARENESS before spending a few brief moments in the small circle on the outside reflecting on the entire experience and the messages our faculties had passed along.

  • Each quadrant had a colour (AWARENESS-Yellow, LET GO!-Red, VISION-blue, REALIZATION-green, CENTRE-white)
  • Joe moved into each quadrant and released a handful of small coloured paper squares. Interestingly, most of them stayed within the boundaries of the quadrant.
  • He then placed coloured piggy banks into each quadrants
  • All the lights were shut off and a candle lit for the process of moving through the quadrants, one person at a time
  • Everyone moved through on their own time, some taking significantly longer than others to tap into their faculties
  • As no rules regarding what we should or shouldn’t do with the small coloured paper squares, everyone did something slightly different. I thought this was brilliant.

While the journey was fresh in our minds, and after everyone had been through the circle, Joe passed out one coloured card at a time containing one word and an underlying question:

DIFFERENT: What do you need to do differently to realize your vision?

LEARN: What did you learn through the process?

INTENTION: What is your intention moving forward?

ADD: What do you need to add to your life to help reach your vision?

KEEP: What do you need to keep?

LET GO: What do you need to let go?

The cards now sit to my right, in my study, reminding me of the conclusions that came out of that night flight journey.

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  1. Dear Russell,

    Thank you for writing so clearly about Joe’s Night Flight. I know that he will appreciate it.

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