Taking Mindcamp Home

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2013

by Karen Rudolf

So in light of the proverbial, “I don’t know, what do you want to do this weekend,” conversation… looking like rain outside, I headed the car straight to Goodwill without a word.

“Pick an appliance!” was all I offered. Erica looked at me like I was crazy. No comments. Wasn’t much to choose from (perhaps others had the same idea!). I settled for a $3.99 old RCA CD clock radio. I even got 13 cents off! Our lucky day!!

Once home and papers spread, I put the item in front of Erica with her tool box. “Let’s play!”

I shared the amazing session I’d taken with Jim Ridge and Max Hurson called Everyday Curiosity. I told Erica how I felt lost in the item like a little girl as I played at Mindcamp. Always wishing to do that, and never allowed myself the permission to do the exploration.

We had a blast, clipping, prodding, exploring and giggling. We both have the bug now! Thank you Jim and Max for creating not one, but two monsters! And what a great way to pass a rainy afternoon!

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  1. Hi Karen, Sounds like a fantastic idea and I think I will head to Goodwill myself for some stuff to to add to my assemblages. I would love to hear more about your session.

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