The Brain from Top to Bottom

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TBFTTB logoAttention Brain-Lovers: Here’s an amazing resource from McGill University. Called The Brain from Top to Bottom, it’s kind of a one-stop-shop for people at all levels of pre-existing knowledge about the brain to stop by and learn a little more.

For one thing, all areas are explored in five different dimensions (social, psychological, neurological, cellular, or molecular) and at three different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). These filters allow you to explore a question at the level you are comfortable with, and in the dimension you select… or explore the same question in a variety of dimensions.

There’s a lot more complexity here, so click through and check it out. For sure visit the User’s Guide (to the site, not the brain). In fact, bookmark and visit frequently for regular doses of solid knowledge about that thing you’re using all the time.

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