Mindcamp Fun

A truly remarkable opportunity for Mindcampers who are (or can be) in or near New York City on May 30: The Rubin Museum, a wee gem (which you MUST visit if you haven’t yet) of Himalayan Art in downtown NYC, is holding a “Dream-Over” — a chance for participants 18 and older to bed down IN the museum under a piece of Tibetan sacred art chosen specifically for them.

The event includes a meditation lesson, bedtime stories, lullabies and free dream analysis. All you have to do is buy a ticket and show up in your jammmies with some bedding. See here for details: Dream-Over at The Rubin.

This is the perfect warm-up for Mindcamp this year, as our theme is DREAM!

Paul GronckiThanks, Paul Groncki, for bringing this to our attention! Paul is a docent at The Rubin.