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  1. Enjoyed watching this video.

    The lessons are strong ones.

    I see a correlation to lessons I have learned from studying
    Benjamin Bloom and his work in learning and developing.

    He list data collecting, information gathering as the first stage

    then application as the 2nd

    followed by understanding as the 3rd

    The Backwards Bicycle truly demonstrates this.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  2. That is fascinating. I had the same experience learning how to play the basic theka (beats) of teental (a 16 beat rhythm cycle from India) on the tabla drums. In that case it was to have my fingers do the following patterns simultaneously:
    Left hand: Left-Right-Left-Right
    Right hand: Left-Right-Right-Left
    I spent a couple of months failing at this task. I was so frustrated that I almost gave up and then one day the algorithm became present in my brain-body. Suddenly I could do it! I was amazed by this experience because it was like an on-off switch had been flipped. The capability did not grow in a gradual way that I could understand.

    I think that when this happens in our collective consciousness it is what we call a paradigm shift. The old thinking is completely replaced by the new thinking. It happens so totally and suddenly that it becomes difficult to remember, imagine or comprehend the old state of mind when “that wasn’t possible”.

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