We Win Again!

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2015

Win Wenger is one of our all-time favorite creative gurus. Win has spent a lifetime studying the methods of the world’s great creative geniuses — and developed a variety of methods that synthesize the best of them. The result is a set of creative thinking tools that is both unique and powerful.

At Mindcamp we have a tradition of giving you the opportunity to test those tools out for yourself: Win U — where you can access Win’s wisdom, and perhaps use it to discover your own.

In essence, Win’s theory is that many, perhaps all, of the answers we seek are available within ourselves — if only we had reliable ways of accessing our inner wisdom.

Win U is not a single session. It’s a series of sessions, hosted by Win, that will run throughout Mindcamp, from Friday morning through to our close on Sunday. (A full Win U schedule will be posted in mid-July.)

You can go to all of Win U, or just drop in for the sessions that intrigue you. Each session will introduce one of Win’s creative thinking tools — and offer you the chance to apply it to an issue you might be facing. The final session on Sunday will be a place to use Win’s tools to address some of the big problems that face us all.

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  1. Win is the best. I have gone to all of Win U and parts of Win U in the years he has presented it. It was a highlight of my previous Mindcamps and I may just drop in on his sessions again!

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      Hi Norm! It depends on the level of mobility impairment. There are no elevators anywhere on the site. About half the accommodation rooms are on the ground floor, so this should be requested. Most of the sessions take place in ground floor rooms, but to get from one session to another can be a 10-minute walk for someone with average mobility. It would take longer for someone who is mobility-impaired. The interval between sessions is 30 minutes. One session room is up a flight of stairs, however it’s a room we very rarely use. Others may require one or two steps up or down. Some sessions are outside on a lawn, or even go into the woods.

      So, if you are handicapped, will you be able to participate as fully as a non-handicapped participant? No. But in the past we have had at least two elderly participants with limited mobility who have been able to cope with Mindcamp by planning their day to accommodate their pace.

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