What’s in a Name? Some changes…

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Veteran Mindcampers will notice a couple of name changes this year. Briefly: “Collide-O-Scopes” are now “Kaleidoscopes”; and the “Passeggiata” is now “Camino”. Here are the deets:


For the past three years Mindcampers have been invited to participate in sharing groups at the end of each day to help integrate the experiences, insights, and new information they gather. (See here for more info about that.)

We previously called them “Collide-O-Scopes” (after our theme in 2012, “When Worlds Collide”), but now have changed the spelling to the more conventional way “Kaleidoscopes” — more in keeping with the notion of fragmenting and reassembling seemingly random bits of experience (and losing the rather odd image of Mindcampers slam-dancing their way through the meetings).

Click here for more info on Kaleidoscope Groups.


On Friday and Saturday we have a very special evening stroll once called “Passeggiata,” after the Italian custom of strolling down the main street after dinner. The event is great; the term was problematic for people who don’t speak Italian! This year we are changing the name to “Camino”, after the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a famous pilgrimage that a number of Mindcampers have enjoyed. It’s easier to remember, easier to spell, and better aligns with the “journey” aspects of experience.

Click here for more info on the Mindcamp Camino.

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