Campfire Singing 2.0

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Start tuning up your vocal chords… there’s campfire singing sessions at Mindcamp every year. We’ve put together a lyric book… in PDF form, with light letters on a dark background so you don’t blow your eyes out! Isn’t that great?

But wait, there’s more! Tim Switalski also provided a set of chord versions that we’ve whipped into both light (for printing) and dark (for night use) versions. If you’re an instrumentalist, download one or the other (or both) to study up in advance, or simply follow along with your instrument.

Here are the links to the PDFs:

Download all three to your tablet and then bring it to the campfire* to use and share… and prepare to be AWESOME!

*We accept no responsibility for tablets that are accidentally burned or doused in beer. Exercise reasonable caution!

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  1. Heya Tim;
    Am bringing my bag o’ percussion and my voice. Look forward to a tipple and jam.
    BTW, Is your mustache real? Man, that is excellent!

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