Kevin Byron’s Christmas Gift

Mindcamp Fun

Once again Kevin Byron has put his talent for being cross with words to work: here’s his annual Christmas Crossword! Mindcampers have enjoyed his puzzles every year, and this year we’re upping the ante: the first correct solution that gets emailed to contact-at-mindcamp-dot-org is eligible for a $50 discount on their 2016 Mindcamp Registration!* (See contest rules below, and note that putting a spoiler in the comments invalidates your entry and enrages the Gods.)

So here is 2015’s crossword, already tested and approved by the Mindcamp Puzzle Fairies, and good luck to you contestants! (Please, no spoilers in the comments!)

Click here to download Kevin Byron’s 2015 Christmas Crossword: The Mockingbird’s Christmas Gift.

*Contest rules: to win, email a photo of your completed crossword to Be sure to answer “What is the mockingbird’s gift?” in your email. Deadline is January 15, 2016. Discount must be redeemed by registration before April 30, 2016. Discount can be used only by the person who submits the answer, i.e., it cannot be transferred to someone else. It can only be used for Mindcamp 2016, i.e., it cannot be transferred to another year. Sorry we have to spell all this out but you creative folks are always finding loopholes…

2015 Puzzle