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  1. WOW…a symbol way to go inside our imagination….OK
    It’s a very big flying ship whith is célescial spot . The star in the top it’s the origin of the people they came juste for the mind camp summer and make a revelation about the futur. The ship use and highway inside this corridor for came in time…but they no is very short because the time is not the same in this part of cosmos and the place they came. I hope your organisation can reserve a good reception about this voyagers because the time door open just a very kick moment. The symbol of the star on this message link whith the symbol of water molecule and it’s why the futur visitor became under water and give a workshop inside the lac….Wet or dry thats the question for understand the futur…..and have so fun to reveal the origin of the human is water and star because this earth is an very old star transform in a water planet….If you want to no the next…
    came in my workshop ( * ) What did you see ,,,,star or a molecule ?

  2. Hi …what a teasing !!
    I love your idea of NOT giving any direction. This ( ), leave us plenty of room to imagine how we can have a wonderful Mindcamp doing ( ) … & 🙂

  3. Mindcamp is my favorite creative retreat.
    I am sorry to miss it this year as
    I will be at the Olympics.
    I look forward to coming next year!

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