Adventurers Wanted

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2016

Thanks! We got our testers!

ADVENTURERS WANTED for hazardous testing, bitter frustration, long moments of complete confusion, possible system errors, safe registration however is certain, modest discount, honour & recognition will be your reward.

We are about to open a whole new registration system. Think of it as Antarctica. Think of the Mindcamp Registration Fairies as Ernest Shackleton. Think of yourself as very, very brave, and volunteer to be one of the first 8 Mindcampers to test the new system.

Yes it will be a real registration! To qualify you need to be ready to make at least a $100 deposit (by credit card or e-check). If you’re concerned about paying up front, don’t worry, this new system lets you break up the balance into 4 easy payments.

You’ll save $75 off your registration (and $50 off additional registrations, e.g., significant others — the new system can do that!). The Fairies will guide you to a super-secret test site web page where you will do your brave deeds.

Please write to apply. We need 8 intrepid pioneers.