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Whole Lotta Sessions

We have a WHOLE lotta sessions up, in case you haven’t checked lately…

The 2016 Sessions page is unabashedly visual. (We strongly advise viewing it on a desktop or laptop computer, rather than your little smart thingy.)

However if you really need to view it on a smart thingy, or for some reason a compact, simple, words-only view will work better for you, check out Simple Session List here. And if you have a computer-challenged friend who needs a printout, or you simply enjoy killing trees, here is a DRAFT (very quick, very dirty) PDF of programs and descriptions, one after another.

If you find mistakes or typos or whatever, send them in to! We will update as we receive them. (Just a creative way to avoid proofreading? You decide…)

And now… a game!

Check out our Sessions Game. All the pictures in one big mass, and you only see the words when you hover your mouse. How many can you guess before peeking? We did the same thing with presenters in our Presenters Game. Have fun!

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  1. Chuckling — looked through the draft of sessions and at the bottom of each page it says “things will change”. And for a minute I thought that was the theme for this year!

    Draft looks great, enjoy! Our summer will be the mountains of Colo and southern Utah and yes, ‘things will change’ after those experiences!

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