Top 7 Reasons to Offer Someone a Ride to Mindcamp

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2016, Mindcampology

Got wheels? Fasten your seatbelt, because you are going to be racing to volunteer your taxi skills for Mindcamp! Here’s why:


  1. Good karma. Your generosity will earn you so much of it, you will be reborn in a higher state.
  2. It’s an adventure. No doubt your mom warned you that it’s dangerous to pick up strangers… and Mindcampers are pretty strange. So be brave!
  3. It’s funny. If you pool your stock of jokes, you may become the two (or three, or four) wittiest persons at Mindcamp.
  4. Why wait to arrive? Mindcamp can start as soon as you pick up your first passenger.
  5. It promotes equilibrium. Your car will be better balanced with someone in the passenger seat.
  6. It’s cheaper. Cost of gas from Toronto to Mindcamp is approximately $25 each way; your rider can share that cost.

  7. And the #1 reason…

  8. You’ll make a new friend.