A Word About WiFi

Mindcamp Mindcamp 2016



Yep that’s the word. Although there is WiFi at Geneva Park, it is very slow. The public network here supports about 1 Mbps. Compare that to what most city-dwellers are used to: 20 Mbps and greater.

Will you need WiFi? Yes! Three reasons:

1. The Mindcamp app (schedule, session descriptions, facility maps, etc.) depends on WiFi for updates. Please download it to your smart device now if you haven’t already: here is the link for iTunes (for iPhones and iPads) and here is the link for Google Play (for non-Apple devices).

2. We would like you to submit your feedback electronically when possible. This will save the Bananas a ton of work.

3. You will probably still want to check your emails and messages. We understand.

Do you have a robust data plan in Canada? If so, please turn off the WiFi on your device while you are at Mindcamp. The cellular service gives up to 5Mbps, faster than the available WiFi! Plus you will be leaving the WiFi network clear for users from the US and Europe, who may not have comparable data plans. Fewer users = faster speeds for them.

WiFi guidelines for computer OR smart device without a data plan:
  • Avoid streaming videos such as YouTube
  • Avoid video conference apps such as Skype, FaceTime, Uber
  • Avoid downloads such as app or system updates
  • Avoid trolling through your Facebook page for long periods of time — a few minutes to check your feed is okay, but be careful not to click bandwidth-heavy links such as videos
  • No Pokemon GO! (unless you have a data plan, see below)
WiFi guidelines for a smart device with a data plan:
  • Turn off your WiFi. Then have a ball!