The I’ds of March

Tim Hurson Random

For Mindcamp blog subscribers only, it’s the I’ds of March—as in:

I’d better not miss out on the Mindcamp Blottery this week!

We’re giving Mindcamp blog subscribers a head start on a special deal we’ve cooked up. As soon as we have our first 50 registrants, we’ll pull three names out of a hat. In line with our Third Third theme this year, the First name gets a 33.3% discount on the full cost of Mindcamp 2017. The Second name gets a 66.6% discount. And the Third name gets a 100% free ride to Mindcamp this summer (worth about $935 CAD including tax)!

All you have to do is register.

There are a few minor catches. Each prize is for one person and is based on standard shared accommodation (though you can transfer the value of the prize to a single room if you like; that means if you win, we’ll pay 33.3, 66.6 or 100 percent of a shared accommodation, and you can pay the balance for a higher-priced single accommodation if you choose).

But hurry, this special I’ds of March advantage to blog subscribers ends Sunday March 19. After that, we offer the opportunity to our full mailing list. And it’s first come, first served.

So don’t miss out. Don’t make your I’d “I’d intended to register early, but now it’s too late!”

Here’s where to go to register now.

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