Shh! For Your Eyes Only!

Tim Hurson Random

We’ve selected the first 29 sessions for Mindcamp 1017. And they’re awesome. But don’t tell anyone. They may register before you do (and that could be a problem because we have more limited space than usual this year).

You can check out the first 29 sessions by going to the SESSIONS tab at the top of this page.

And while you’re at it, register. Amazingly enough, you can do that by going to the REGISTRATION tab at the top of the page. Seriously, though, registering now would be a smart idea. Our venue, Geneva Park, has allocated fewer rooms to us this year (don’t ask), so with about three months to go before Mindcamp starts, we’re already more than half full!! Don’t be disappointed. Register now.

Looking forward to seeing you at Mindcamp August 23–27!

Oh! And if you’re from the US, your greenbacks automatically give you a ±25% discount on Canadian prices. You’d be Loonie not to take advantage.

Oh! and a second Oh! We’ve introduced a new pay option. You don’t have to plunk down your whole wad right away. You can pay in instalments. We’re hoping that’ll make your decision a little easier.

Oh! and a third Oh! (just had to get that Third Third theme in) You can come back to this page to see more sessions as they’re added. We’ll have about 60 in all.
(It’s so hard to choose!)

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